e Classifieds V1.11

Author Father Barry
Author website
Description This is a simple classifieds system for your e107 web site. Users can create an advert according to your categories and sub categories. They can attach an image of the item and use a graphical counter if they wish like on a well known auction site.

Version 1.11 Fixes bug in uploading pics and creating thumbs when not jpg
Version 1.10 Fixes small bug when uninstalling
Version 1.9 adds seller rating system
version 1.08 fixes a few small bugs
Version 1.07 fixes an expiry date issue on submitted ads and allows different date formats in administer adverts.
Version 1.06 fixes a small problem that the admin can not edit the category in an existing advert.
Version 1.05 of this e107 plugin adds:

HTML Support using tinymce (if selected in e107)
rss feeds (using rss manager plugin in core, experimentsl)
Random advert menu
Option to use drop down for sub categories rather than a list

Lots of admin options for configuring. Works with notify and latest/recent in e107 and e107 search. Printable version and email link t o a friend. Optional category and sub category icons and the option to show a thumbnail for each item that has a picture. Admin can specify a counter or disable counters.

This version fixes a bug with expiry dates and adds the ability to changethe date format in the administer adverts .

Support ONLY at this site
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Date Tuesday 02 January 2007 - 16:37:17
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