Delete Me V1.7

Author Father Barry
Author website
Description Latest release of a little plugin that will enable a user to deregister from your site.

You can configure whether to have the security code. User must enter their password correctly. A confirmation email can be sent to the deregistering user.

Admin can configure to ask why users are leaving, results stored in a table for perusal.

It won't allow deletion if you are an admin It won't allow anybody to be deleted if alternate authentication is set to ldap.

Not had chance to fully check all the secruity implications but I think all of the obvious ones are covered. As always test it first on a nonproduction server and ensure you have regular and working backups.

Note : It does not delete old posts or anything like that (too much potential to break things!)

ALL support is from [link]
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Date Saturday 14 February 2009 - 13:12:48
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