Joke Menu 2.20

Author Father Barry
Author website
Description A comprehensive jokes menu and database.
. Users may submit jokes for review by the admin.
. An auto approve class now for submitted jokes
. Unlimited categories for jokes which can be set for userclass access
. Uses e107 notify for new submissions
. Reports in Recent and New menu and pages (.7)
. e_Status and e_Latest support
. Printable Page
. Email link to a friend
. Users can rate jokes
. Version .7 search compatible
. Uses dark/lite icons according to theme setting (IMODE)
Adds bbcode for an uploaded image

All support is at [link]

2.17 enhances gold support.
2.19 fix bug in comments for comment menu
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Size 86.07kB
Date Saturday 18 July 2009 - 14:29:23
Downloads 1731
3.5/5 : 8 Votes