LED Scroller V 1.5

Author Father Barry
Author website
Description Go into admin config and update the show banner check box otherwise it won't show.
Also some PM shortcodes in version 1.5
If you are upgrading from the previous edition and want to save your script COPY IT TO A TEXT FILE FIRST,

There is no upgrade from the initial pre alpha release - you must unintsall and reinstall it then paste back in the script. Also ensure that the folders source and message are chmod writable.

This is a led scroller like on this web site. It is not a finished plugin. Help is from the led scroller forum. Use it on a test server or on a production server with care and backups

This version is XHTML compliant and adds a few extra shortcodes. Also fixes an issue of browser caching the message.
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Date Monday 10 March 2008 - 14:32:29
Downloads 1980
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