Stop Forum Spam 1.1.4

Author Father Barry
Author website
Description This plugin allows you you to verify each user at login and sign up (and if using email verification then at that point too). The user is verified against the database.

If you register for an API key then you can use the plugin to submit spammer details to their database.

Admin options for checking by IP, email address and username. You can add spammers from the database to the e107 banlist when they attemt to sign up or login. You can autodelete signups if they are in the banned database. Spammers are stored in the cache (adjustable period) db to minimise hits on

Copy files up and do a database validity check or note your settings, uninstall and reinstall as I've changed the cache table a bit.
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Date Monday 04 January 2010 - 16:02:15
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